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In this website, “Kaveh kohan” writes for

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I am an Iranian and I have great interest in culture and civilization

This website, news, photos and written me is visible

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Start an autobiography is a difficult task, especially if you want to be brief.

After receiving a degree in math education for college I chose Armenian language and literature.

and in 1386 I graduated from the AZAD University of Tehran.

It is now five years I served as the expert  of  Art Department of the Office of Public Relations and International Affairs of the State Welfare Organization.

Adolescence Journalism, Media and Photography was interested.  That was in 1380 so far  Semi-intensive courses during the experiment, then a career in journalism, journalism, photography, graphic design, development deal.

This Website is the only official source of professional cyberspace, although I’m trying to keep it together casually. Together and for each other